Charcoal Powder Crusher

Model:           HR50
Power:         11KW
Capacity:      600-800kg/h
Weight:         400kg
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鈻1.The parts are as follows:

1), feeding institutions: mainly by the feeding station, up and down Cao Kun, set the blade, set the knife bearing seat.
2), cut off the throwing institutions: mainly by the knife, cutter, locking screws and other components.
3), transmission: mainly by the V-belt, drive shaft, gear, universal joints and other components.
4), walking institutions: mainly composed of caster.
5), protective device: by the protective cover composition.

鈻2.Maintenance procedures
1锛塅or each operation of 1 month, the roller bearing lubrication 1, the use of lithium grease grease.
2锛塎onthly inspection of the first roll of tooth wear on the wear of serious roll should be repaired or replaced.
3锛塁heck the various fasteners at any time, no loose phenomenon.
4锛塁heck the spring spring tightening, at any time to make the necessary adjustments.
5锛塁heck the operation and wear of the V-belt every month to ensure the tension of the V-belt, the wear of the V-belt should be replaced.
6锛塁heck the work of the bypass body every month.

鈻3.Maintenance procedures
Minor repair every six months, including:
1锛塁lean the pneumatic triple and solenoid valves.
2锛塁heck if the bolts in the motor terminal box are loose and replace the damaged seals.
3锛塕inse and lubricate roller bearings.
4锛塁heck the sprocket, chain wear.
5锛塁heck the tightening of the compression spring and make the necessary adjustments.
6锛塁heck the wear of the crushing roller.


Model HR40 HR50 HR80
Power/kw 7.5kw 11 22
Capacity/kg 400-600 600-800 1500-
Net/Gross weight 350/400 400/450 490/560
Dimension(m) 1.5*1*0.8 1.6*0.7*1.3 1.6*1.2*1.4