02-16 2017

What should do rice husk bar machine pay attention to matters?

In order to processing high quality charcoal we must first take the bar well, this is the preliminary mechanism of carbon forming, therefore, for what is the production of the key link, is very good for rice husk charcoal raw material,鈥

02-16 2017

What is the process of making Arabia hookah?

Special mechanical equipment Hongrun new charcoal machine equipment auxiliary products pressing carbon powder molding machine machine is the production of Arabia bituminous coal water. Shisha charcoal press we Hongrun using new technology an鈥

01-12 2017

Feeder selection of BBQ charcoal equipment

Hopper feeder, feeding quantity measured by spiral speed controller, by changing the speed of the motor, thereby changing the feeding flow.Because of the change of the material level, the filling coefficient of the screw is different, so the鈥

01-12 2017

Other factors that affect the work of the feeder of BBQ charcoal equipment

Speed. Speed and feeding of BBQ charcoal equipment flow in a certain range. There is a linear relationship between the lower or higher than this range, the linear relationship will change, the impact of material added.鈥

01-10 2017

What is the mechanism of charcoal, what are the characteristics?

The mechanism of charcoal is sawdust, peanut shell, corn stalk, rice husk, bagasse, lees, bamboo chips, such as waste, after drying, high temperature and high pressure process, pressed into a round or square edge, with holes Xinbang, then pu鈥

01-09 2017

How to deal charcoal smoke of charcoal machine plant

The flue gas recovery and purification system can be used for recycling and recycling the flue gas of the charcoal factory, and the pollution of the flue gas can be discharged without pollution.How do the charcoal plant flue gas waste,鈥

01-09 2017

Characteristics of continuous carbonization furnace?

Continuous carbonization furnace is sawdust, rice husk, peanut shell, straw, wood bark material containing carbon (volume below 15mm in the condition of high temperature granular) of dry distillation furnace, anaerobic carbonization and char鈥

01-09 2017

Charcoal machine propeller knowledge

The propeller is a key component of the mechanism of charcoal machine, its operation principle is very simple, with the main mechanism charcoal machine forming sleeve of sawdust raw materials rods during the treatment, 鈥

01-09 2017

Charcoal machine operation knowledge

Charcoal machine operation knowledge Charcoal machine equipment bar production should be done to prevent measures Limited to the City Environmental Protection Ordinance, user machine-made charcoal production of 65% above is in the City subu鈥

01-06 2017

Mechanism charcoal question answer

Mechanism Charcoal is a kind of resource products, its main raw material is sawdust, wood scraps, if local wood is rich, the price is reasonable so as to set up factories, the quality of the sales of charcoal, charcoal mainly depends on the 鈥